Voted BEST HAUNTED HOUSE! One of the oldest haunted houses in Iowa!



  • Merlyn Linn, owner of Linn’s Supermarket, opens his first haunted house. He has been operating it with his family ever since.




  • Linn’s Haunted House is voted “Best Haunted House” by readers of Cityview magazine.
  • 30 Years Of Terror Article from Cityview.
  • Linn’s Haunted House is voted “Best Value Runner Up“, “Coolest“, “Funnest“, “Only One“, “Overall Best” and “Scariest” by visitors to

DMHH Awards 2014 LHH Best ValueDMHH Awards 2014 LHH FunnestDMHH Awards 2014 LHH Only OneDMHH Awards 2014 LHH Overall BestDMHH Awards 2014 LHH Scariest


  • Linn’s Supermarket suffers electrical damage form a power surge, questioning the future of both the market and the haunted house. An online fundraiser is began to help “Save Linn’s Supermarket.”
  • Linn’s Haunted House is voted “Best Value“, “Coolest“, “Funnest“, “Only One“, “Overall Best“, and “Scariest” by visitors to (winning all categories this year).


  • Merlyn leases the supermarket to new operators, but maintains control over operating the haunted house in the basement.