Voted BEST HAUNTED HOUSE! One of the oldest haunted houses in Iowa!


Since 1984, Linn’s Super Market Haunted House has been providing the “Scariest Night Ever” to visitors from all over the Midwest. From the moment you crawl in to the pitch black tunnel and descend into the basement, you know you are in for an experience unlike any other haunted attraction around.

  • Explore dozens of scenes of haunted horror.
  • Feel your way through pitch black hallways.
  • Crawl through several claustrophobia-inducing tunnels.
  • Experience the “laser hallway”.
  • Avoid sinking in the marshy swamp.
  • Watch out for spider webs and flying insects.
  • Try not to get crushed by moving walls.
  • Don’t “clown around” and you might make it out.

If it’s surprising, it’s probably somewhere inside this very long haunted house.

Linn’s Haunted House relies on suspense and startles rather than blood and gore, making it the most unique classic haunted houses around.

Come find out why people drive from hours away just to experience what the terror (and fun) that lurks inside the dark, old supermarket basement…